Adam Pirnia

Adam was born in Iran. He finished his undergraduate study in Cellular and Molecular Biology at Azad University of Central Tehran Branch. He and his wife met each other there and researched some potentially probiotic strains. Then, he started his Masters in Biophysics at the Institute of Biochemistry and Biophysics research (IBB), University of Tehran. Since the start of his MSc, he has tilted his path towards more computational physical biology. His thesis was a simulation of direct effects of proton irradiation on DNA using Geant4, a Monte Carlo simulation toolkit developed by CERN. Afterward, he chose to remain in the academic environment, thus, he tried hard and persuaded the IBB dean so he could serve his military service at that department as the central lab technician for two years. Meanwhile, he collaborated with one of the faculty members of the IBB as both TA, and researcher, working on a new approach towards cancer treatment using a recently discovered mechanism called Radical Pair Mechanism. He was admitted to the ASU in Spring 2022 and joined Matyushov's lab. Adam is quite enthusiastic about many things, most of all, theoretical science. He also loves watching science fiction movies, hiking and biking, and socializing with people.