• Salman Seyedi graduated in 2018
  • Morteza Waskasi graduated in 2019

Dr. Daniel Martin graduated in 2008 with MS in Chemistry (PhD in Physics, 2005). He is currently an Assistant Research Scientist at the Physics department at ASU

  • Dr. Mohammadhasan Dinpajooh graduated in 2016 and he is now working as a postdoc.

Dr. Allan Friesen graduated in 2012 and is now on staff as a chemistry and physics teacher at ARETE Preparatory Academy (APA), Gilbert AZ

Dr. David LeBard, graduated in 2008, accepted a faculty position at Yeshiva University, currently is a Senior Scientist at Schrödinger

Dr. Anatoli Milischuk, graduated in 2006, currently postdoc at Colorado State University

Shikha Gupta, graduated with MS in 2004, currently is an Environmental Operations Program Manager (Maricopa County)