Dmitry Matyushov (PI)


  • Education

PhD in Theoretical Physics (1989), Kiev State University and Ukrainian Academy of Sciences
MS in Chemical Physics (1986), Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology

Dmitry Matyushov is a Professor of Physics and Chemistry at Arizona State University. His research interests are in theoretical and computational condensed matter physics, physical chemistry, and biophysics. After receiving his undergraduate degree in 1986 from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (Phystech), he studied at Kiev State University (Ukraine) and the Ukrainian Academy of Science, receiving his Ph.D. in theoretical physics in 1989 with the thesis on path integrals for stochastic processes. He worked as a staff scientist in the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences and in 1993 was awarded a postdoctoral (Lise Meitner) fellowship from the Austrian Science Foundation. After spending 3 years in Vienna, also in the position of an invited professor, he moved to Fort Collins (CO) to join the group of Prof Branka Ladanyi as a postdoctoral fellow. After another postdoc with Prof Greg Voth at the University of Utah, he joined the faculty of Arizona State University in 2000. His research in Arizona focused on spectroscopy, solvation, phase and glass transitions, complex fluids, electron transfer, dielectric spectroscopy, and bioenergetics (mechanisms of photosynthesis and respiration). Current interests include protein dynamics, electrostatics of the protein-water interface, and problems related to ergodicity breaking and nonequilibrium ensembles in biology and enzyme catalysis.

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Department of Physics and
School of Molecular Sciences
Arizona State University
P.O. Box 871504, Tempe, Arizona 85287, USA
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Phone: (480)965-0057
Office: PSF-352
Textbook: Manual for Theoretical Chemistry