The group supports a number of codes available for download for academic use and research:

  • SolvMol: Solvation thermodynamics of large solutes of arbitrary shape and charge distribution. In addition to solvation free energies, the code calculates the reorganization parameters of electron-transfer reactions and Stokes shift dynamics (supported by the NSF, Theoretical Chemistry Division, CHE-0616646).
  • DENM: Stochastic dynamics of proteins (JCP 137, 165101 (2012), supported by the NSF, Molecular and Cellular Biosciences Division, MCB-1157788).
  • WOOPS: Coloring the protein surface with surface water dipole orientation, supported by the NSF, CHE-1464810. (Water Orientational Order on the Protein Surface)
  • A number of Monte Carlo codes for simulations of model polar fluids (dipolar and quadrupolar hard spheres and polarizable dipolar hard spheres
  • The link to the old website.