Matyushov Group Summer Outreach


High school students recommended by their science teacher have taken classes and hands-on practical lessons in high-performance simulations of condense-matter problems. They were taught by a team of graduate students and postdocs from Matyushov’s lab and by Allan Friesen (GreatHearts ARETE Preparatory Academy, Gilbert, AZ). They will continue their project through the school year with the goal of achieving publishable results by the time of graduation. Their current projects aim at learning how to use Monte Carlo sampling to simulate order-disorder transitions in dipolar solids. The training sessions involved developing codes for computer simulations under the guidance of their instructors. ASU’s Physics department and CBP have provided the required computational infrastructure and institutional support. The summer program was funded by the NSF (CHE-1464810).








Allan Friesen (currently a high-school science teacher) and Dmitry Matyushov have organized a summer school for talented high school students from the Phoenix valley. The summer school was supported by the NSF (CHE-1464810), ASU's Center for Biological Physics, and by the Physics department. Three weeks of activities focused on learning how to perform computer simulations of biomolecules and to analyze simulation results. Students learned basics of UNIX, could submit parallel-processor computer jobs of hydrated proteins, and to analyze trajectories by writing their own computer scripts. Hadi Dinpajooh and Dan Martin (on the photo) were helping out with hands-on tasks and analysis.


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