Current Graduate Students: Please get in touch to find time to stop by to discuss your interests. As a first year student you also have the opportunity to carry out a research rotation project. 

Postdoctoral Fellows: Please contact Professor Dmitry Matyushov for more information regarding a postdoctoral position.

Prospective Students: Thank you for visiting our website and for your interest in our graduate program. You will have to apply to the Physics graduate program or to the School of Molecular Sciences.

AZ life

If you are considering coming to live in Arizona, this is a wonderful place to spend your PhD or postdoctoral years. We are close to a long list of natural wonders, have excellent biking and hiking opportunities within the city all around the year, and all kinds of of outdor activities including a number of ski resorts for downhill skiing. The city of Tempe is a thriving, diverse, and modern community with all kinds of restaurants within close distance from campus. Finally, ASU is the largest university in the US with a number of programs and research areas surpassing most other universities. There is always somebody smarter than you to talk to and learn from.