Setare Sarhangi

Setare Sarhangi


  • Ph.D. (2019), Iran University of Science and Technology in Computational Physical Chemistry
  • M.Sc. (2011), Iran University of Science and Technology in Physical Chemistry
  • B.Sc. (2007), University of Guilan in Chemistry

Setare Mostajabi Sarhangi is a Postdoctoral Research Associate at Arizona State University since 2021. Setare did her Ph.D as a joint graduate student with Matyushov lab at Arizona State University and Hashemianzadeh lab at Iran University of Science and Technology. During her Ph.D, Setare studied the effect of polarizability on kinetics of Electron Transfer. After defending her Ph.D at 2019, Setare initiated collaboration with Professor Matyushov before starting her Postdoctoral program. Setare is currently working on kinetics of biological electron transfer to understand how proteins are able to facilitate the long-range electron transfer with small activation energy. She is particularly interested in modeling of chemical reaction rates in biological systems.


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