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Physics/Chemistry Sites :
      NIST:   National Institue of Standards' Webbook of chemical/physical properties.
      RSCB Depository:   Protein Data Bank (PDB) housing structures (x-ray, NMR) of large and amazing molecules.
      Amber Web:   The official website for the Amber molecular mechanics/force field package.
      CHARMM Web:   The development website for those using the CHARMM molecular mechanics package.
      APS Web:   The official website for the American Physical Society.
      Chemistry.org:   The official website for the American Chemical Society.
      Chemfinder.com:   Searchable database of chemical information including structures of
        compounds rendered for various web plugins .
      Units in CGS/Conversion of energy units :  
      Running GAMESS parallel :  

Computer Sites:
      CCP5 Web:   Links to codes for computer simulations in condensed phases.
      Linux4Chemistry:   A site dedicated to linux-based chemistry programs.
      Compaq Fortran Language Manual:   Fortran language manual for Compaq's own fortran compiler.
      SlashDot:   Linux related online newspaper (i.e. News for Nerds).