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Professor :

                                    Dr. Dmitry Matyushov
  • Dynamics and thermodynamics of protein/water interface.
  • Electron transfer in biology and photosynthesis.
  • Theories of molecular liquids and polar solvation.
  • Orientational phase transitions and glassy media.


  Dr. Daniel Martin
  • Dielectrics, Simulations, and
    Biological Physics.

Graduate Students:

  Allan Friesen
  • Supercooled liquids and glasses
  • Solvation

Former Members:

  David N. LeBard (Graduate student)
  • Solvation and electron transfer theory in
    Biological Systems.
  • High performance computing in biological
    simulation and trajectory analysis.
  Dr. Daniel Martin (Graduate student)
  • Dielectrics, Simulations, and
    Physical/Biophysical Chemistry.
  Dr. Vitaliy Kapko (Postdoc)
  Dr. Anatoli Milischuk (Postdoc, Graduate Student)
  Dr. Chun-Min Chang (Postdoc)
  Dr. Pradip Ghorai (Postdoc)
  Shikha Gupta (MS student)
  Dr. Andrii Okhrimovskiy (Postdoc)
  Dr. Mark Lilichenko (Postdoc)