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Electrostatics and Solvation of Biopolymers:

  • Redox energetics and solvation of redox proteins
  • Charge transfer in DNA.

Fundamentals of Electron Transfer:

  • Energetics and activation thermodynamics of redox reactions.
  • Beyond the parabolas.
  • Control of electron transfer rates in liquid crystals.

Studies of artificial and natural photosynthesis:

  • Energetics and kinetics of primary bacterial charge transfer.
  • Principles of artificial photosynthesis.


  • Solvation dynamics
  • Time-resolved spectroscopy
  • Band-shape analysis of optical spectra

Theory of Solvation and electrostatics of dielectrics:

  • Models and computation algorithms of polar solvation at mesoscale.
  • Local fields in dielectrics.
  • Nonlinear solvation.
  • Solvation in quadrupolar solvents.

Orientational order/disorder phase transitions and glass transition:

  • Excitation models of glass transition, configurational thermodynamics of low-temperature liquids
  • Paraelectric/ferroelectric phase transition in fluids made of polarizable/dipolar particles